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Behold a second massive overhaul to the layout of the site! New background, full-page scrolling, and the little twitter app are just some of the updates. Also online now is the LINKS page after a long time offline. A few new stories have also been added to the WRITING section. The next order of business will be continuing to pull more fanfiction onto the site as well as make new additions onto ARTWORK, so keep an eye out for that!

Writings // Fanfiction
Buffy the Vampire Slayer fics No Vacancy in Paradise and Rise of the Dragoon are now on site! Next up: Creature of Darkness in all its 37 chapter glory.

Other // Roleplay
Updated character lists for some already posted RPs and added more from two other boards RPs - Assassin's Creed RP, Lonely Souls, and Mass Effect RP, Elcor Theatre - as well as a list of in-game and non-game characters I crafted RP stories for from World of Warcraft.

Writing // Fanfiction
All summaries are up for stories except for three: Magical Fluff, Magical Woes, and Trials and Tribulations of Magic and Life as the first two need to be separated into the stories currently constructing them and the latter needs a summary created. Other stories that does not have summaries are those that are not posted online. The only four existing chapters of MechWarrior/Battletech fic Rise of the Dogs of War are also now up on site.

Writing // Fanfiction
Three stories now have their summaries listed and are hosted ON SITE. These are Assassin's Creed fics Hide in Plain Sight, Of Monteriggioni, of Masyaf, of Firenze, and The Blurring of the Lines The pips on this page in front of each story also now indicate the status of it (with a key at the top).


Writing // Original
Links have been put up for the stories located on my blog Tales of Terion. This is temporary until all of the stories have been coded to be available on site.

Writing // Fanfiction
Now has links to all stories that are posted on Exception being Dragon Age stories which are linked to The Power in Stories blog where they are also posted and an Assassin's Creed OC fic only posted on my Livejournal. This is temporary until all of the stories have been coded to be available on site.

CALENDAR and JOURNALS have been taken off the menu. There is now a link to my regular blog, Thoughts Enshadowed, and two story blogs, Tales of Terion and The Power in Stories.

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